Self-Healing Surfaces

Cerablak® SHS are unique, robust, low-energy layers with environmental stability superior to typical commercial organic coatings. Today’s hydrophobic coatings typically rely on the functionality of a monolayer of organic material, and environments where the coatings are subjected to high temperatures and/or mechanical abrasion can cause irreparable damage. As a result, the functional groups that cause hydrophobicity in those materials can be permanently damaged.
Unlike those materials, the Cerablak® SHS chemistry exhibits the ability to heal with time, resulting in a regenerative, protective, water-repelling effect (hydrophobicity). The ability to regenerate the low-energy surface after exposure to extreme environments such as high temperatures or highly abrasive conditions results in only a temporary degradation of the surface properties. The resulting durability of Cerablak® SHS can therefore far exceed that of conventional coatings. For water-shedding and easy-to-clean properties under harsh environmental conditions, Cerablak® SHS can provide enhanced stability and protection compared to typical organic solutions.


Features & Benefits Market Applications Substrates
  • High-performance windshields and windscreens
  • Surface treatment for difficult-to-clean surfaces
  • High temperature, multiple cycle substrate protection
  • Industrial + chemical processing

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