Fingerprint Resistance

Decorative finishes can be susceptible to fingerprints, which can detract from their appearance and require frequent cleaning. Cerablak® coatings can help protect these surfaces against staining and create an easy-to-clean, high-quality durable surface.


Decorative Surfaces Can be Difficult to Clean

Stainless steel is widely used in consumer and industrial settings for decorative facades, architectural surfaces, appliances, and electronics. Often, these surfaces are also subject to a constant onslaught of environmental contamination such as oil and grease from fingers, which leaves highly visible marks that require chemical cleaners to remove. As a result, constant cleaning of the surface is required to ensure a clean and smudge-free surface. This also has a negative impact on the environment with use of cleaners containing phosphates and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which present long-term ecological concerns.


Cerablak® Fingerprint Resistant Surface

Cerablak® coatings can impart robust, fingerprint-resistant, easy-to-clean surfaces through their unique glassy inorganic structure, surface planarization, and low surface energy. By reducing surface roughness and adhesion of the oil and contaminants to the surface, fingerprints and other debris can be easily removed with a cloth wipe or environmentally-friendly cleaners. Due to the inorganic aluminum-phosphate glassy surface, Cerablak™ is an inert surface that will not be degraded by sunlight, organic solvent, or most common liquids, making Cerablak™ a permanent solution to fingerprint issues while retaining the original appearance of the surface.

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