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The energy industry is transforming. Governments seek energy independence, organizations and consumers demand environmental sustainability, and businesses strive to minimize energy costs. Two common trends have emerged from these efforts: 1) energy efficiency practices, and 2) renewable energy technology development. The best route to energy efficiency is to raise the operating temperature of power-generating engines, but doing so often leads to material breakdown in the form of oxidation and hot corrosion. Meanwhile, renewable energy technologies need further development in order to reach grid parity and compete with traditional hydrocarbon fuel sources. Finally, the emerging hydrogen economy will rely on performance of fuel cells.


ATFI’s range of Cerablak® branded products cost-effective, scalable solutions across most energy platforms. Our unique surface treatments enable today’s metal alloys, ceramics, and TBCs used in power generation and industrial processes to perform at much higher temperatures and last longer, thus reducing lifecycle costs and saving energy. Cerablak® UTF can also benefit renewable energy applications by enabling higher efficiency for thin film photovoltaic solar modules as well as providing a smooth, protective layer to improve energy absorption in utility-scale solar thermal troughs. Fuel cell efficiency can also be improved through the use of Cerablak® coatings.

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