Aesthetic Surfaces

Easy-to-clean, durable surface finishes for your kitchen

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Brushed stainless steel is an attractive and functional material most commonly used in the appliance and architecture industries for its high-end aesthetic finish and functionality. Despite its name, however, this expensive material is not truly stainless. Exposure to high temperatures causes tarnishing, and moisture and salt cause corrosion. Brushed surfaces are also notoriously difficult to keep clean—everything from food to fingerprints aggressively sticks to the surface. Polymer coatings that are being used today to combat corrosion and resist fingerprints are relatively thick and cannot withstand high temperatures or household cleaners, and they can be susceptible to UV degradation.

ATFI believes that Cerablak® Ultra Thin Film coating is the most advanced product available today for protecting and enhancing brushed stainless steel and other aesthetic metal surfaces. Our low-profile/ultra-thin coating is invisible to the naked eye and yet is highly effective on a broad spectrum of brushed metal surfaces. Protection can thus be provided against thermal tarnish and corrosion from moisture and salts, all while providing a chemically-inert surface that is easy to clean and resists fingerprints. The application process is continuous and economical and can be applied to a variety of stainless steel alloys and finishes used in indoor and outdoor appliances, architectural details and cladding, consumer products, and sterile environments such as hospitals and food and chemical processing plants.

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