Exploiting high-temperature dielectric properties for emerging electronic and flexible display devices

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A new market of flexible electronics—including flexible displays and thin film solar modules—is thriving. First-generation substrates, however, are facing various technical challenges stemming from extreme manufacturing conditions and efficiency limitations. Meanwhile, semiconductor manufacturing conditions present similar hurdles.


ATFI has attracted over $2M in funding to develop stainless foils with Cerablak® coatings to serve as high-performance flexible electronic templates in myriad applications including displays, photovoltaics, batteries, and wound capacitors. The thin film coating is applied using an economical, wet deposition process such as spin, dip, and roll-to-roll coating. The resulting film provides high-temperature stability and an ultra-smooth surface to facilitate a fabrication process that improves the performance of the end product. Cerablak® films are ultra-thin, durable, and electrically insulating—an ideal technology to enable next-generation electronics.

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