Preserving Low Emissivity

Many desirable low-emissivity surfaces are also reactive to common environmental conditions, which results in degradation of the surface and higher emissivity properties. Cerablak® UTF coatings can preserve low-emissivity surfaces without degrading their optical properties and aesthetics.


Delicate Emissivity

Low-emissivity materials, such as aluminum or silver, are typically reactive, or they can be delicate materials deposited by vapor. Even common environments can be harmful to these materials due to contamination, oxidation, or abrasion. The result is a loss of optical properties and/or an increase in the emissivity. Surface scaling is also a problem at high temperatures due to reaction with the environment and the formation of a surface reaction product. To combat this, thermally-stable diffusion barrier films can provide durable protection to metals and maintain low emissivity values in service.


Cerablak® UTF for Low Emissivity Surfaces

Cerablak® UTF coatings can provide a transparent, inorganic barrier layer on a low-emissivity surface to help preserve the substrate properties. The highly-transparent (near-UV through near-IR) and ultra-thin nature of the coating has minimal or no interference with the optical and low-emissivity properties of the underlying metal/alloy and provides durable protection in harsh environments.

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