Due to the inherent micro-scale open porosity of advanced high-temperature fiber-reinforced composites, they are susceptible to attack from moisture and other corrosive agents when exposed to harsh environments and/or high temperatures. Cerablak® coatings and sealants can protect these advanced porous materials against oxidation, steam, moisture, rain, salt, and other aggressive corrosive conditions. Cerablak® HTS sealants infiltrate the internal pore structure and protect fibers as well as interface coatings, particularly under cyclic thermal conditions, improving composite strength retention properties and extending service lifetimes.


Materials Geometries and Fiber Architectures Relevant Product Forms
  • SiC and oxide/oxide ceramics
  • Metal/ceramic
  • Flat panels
  • Cylindrical
  • Custom shapes
  • 2D woven
  • Braided/wound
  • 3D preforms



Silicon carbide-based ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) readily degrade in high-temperature moisture environments due to corrosion of sensitive interfaces between the matrix material and the reinforcement fibers.  Cerablak® HTS sealants provide durable protection against environmental attack without adding much weight to the composites (typically <2%). Composites treated with Cerablak® HTS have shown little to no degradation in mechanical properties after thermal cycling exposures in humid environments.

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