Coatings on Wire

Cerablak® UTF can be deposited on wire products in a continuous manner at high throughput. Due to the dense nature of the film, sufficiently low thicknesses (<200 nm) can yield high electrical insulation yet maintain a high degree of wire flexibility. The flexible, ultra-thin coating provides electrical insulation and high breakdown strength while preventing galvanic corrosion, high temperature oxidation and degradation of the metallic conductor. 


Next Generation Wire Insulation Needs
Wire insulation is typically served by a thick polymeric coating that degrades readily above 200°C or in certain organic media. Conversely, many applications are emerging requiring stability in harsh environments or at higher temperatures with a high degree of flexibility. Thin ceramic or inorganic coatings are an excellent alternative to polymeric coatings due to their stability at a broad range of temperatures and resistance to corrosion and oxidation. 


A New Approach
Cerablak® UTF forms a flexible, ultra-thin, hermetic-quality barrier on wire with a high degree of surface conformity. Due to the thin nature of the film along with excellent adhesion properties, the coated wire has outstanding flexibility. It is compatible with almost any metal material, including steel, copper, and specialty alloys. Extensive testing at ATFI labs shows breakdown strengths of over 300 V/micron in samples that are stable to >600°C.

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