Engineering high temperature surfaces and protective coatings for land and marine applications


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The transportation industry has great demands for its employed metal alloys. Automotive manufacturers and OEM suppliers are facing tighter fuel economy standards and more stringent environmental regulations. Engine efficiency is being improved through higher operating temperatures that cause corrosion, oxidation, and eventual component failure. Meanwhile, the marine transportation sector must endure exposure to corrosive marine environments. Fighting corrosion and oxidation is a difficult challenge for these transportation sectors, but for different reasons. The automotive industry is extremely cost-sensitive, while the marine sector must adhere to strict environmental regulations so as not to contaminate our waters.


ATFI offers a unique solution to these challenges that is both cost-effective and environmentally-friendly. Cerablak® Ultra Thin Films provide durable, safe protection for a vast array of alloys. Automotive components and marine surfaces can now last longer and perform better.  Additionally, Cerablak® High Temperature Paint provides benefits for better and more efficient thermal management.



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