Thermal Protection Systems

Thermal protection systems (TPS) are used on many high-speed air vehicles as exterior protection for both leading edges and acreage sections.  ATFI’s ceramic composites are excellent structural insulators, and ATFI’s stable high-emissivity coatings can be used on both metallic and ceramic TPS systems to reject radiant heat. As shown at right in repeated scratch tests, our coatings are also durable and easy to apply.


High Heat Flux Insult Survival

TPS components that will combat extremely high aero-thermal heat loads include leading edge airframe components for supersonic vehicles and exhaust structures for high-thrust aircraft and rocketry. Advanced ceramics and composites are typically considered for these applications, as well as metal systems with ceramic coatings. As the industry seeks to have reusable and longer lifetime thermal protection systems, improved material durability is required. Furthermore, particularly at temperatures exceeding 1800°F, control of surface emissivity is critical to limiting heat transfer.


Cerablak™ Technology Offerings for TPS
ATFI’s Cerablak™ family of products offers a range of viable solutions for several TPS systems.  They are stable under extreme heat and provide stable high emissivity, oxidation resistance, low thermal conductivity, and sealing of porous substrates against water vapor attack and oxidation.  By acting as a barrier layer, Cerablak® coatings reduce conductive heat transfer and prevents harmful oxidation and corrosion processes. Cerablak® CMCs, a bulk composite material, provide structural integrity with superior thermal stability over longer lifetimes. 

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