Lowering life cycle costs through high-temperature surface engineering


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As fuel costs continue to rise, energy efficiency is more important than ever. Meanwhile, robust capital equipment performance is a must—equipment failure and unintended downtime can quickly erase profits. No matter the challenge, manufacturers are seeking ways to improve the bottom line.


ATFI offers unique surface engineering solutions that improve energy efficiency, prevent unexpected failure of key components, and extend the useful life of capital equipment subjected to harsh environments. Protecting capital assets with an ATFI advanced surface treatment will reduce operating costs through energy savings and reduced maintenance requirements, improve equipment durability, and even enable new manufacturing processes that previously may not have been possible. Partners range from owner-operators to OEM industry suppliers, while applications span from ceramic refractories to advanced alloy heat exchangers. Regardless of the end use, our Cerablak® coatings and surface treatments provide quantum performance improvements that impact your bottom line.

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