High Temperature Food Release


Food contamination on high temperature cooking surfaces is a common problem in areas such as grills, ovens, and hot zones of cooktops.  Cerablak® coatings can provide clean release of foods and protect surfaces at temperatures where traditional non-stick coatings fail.


Typical Easy-to-Clean Coatings

High-temperature zones of cooking appliances are constantly subjected to an onslaught of foodstuffs such as fats, sugars, and acids that can look unsightly, attack surfaces, and degrade performance. Today’s typical easy-to-clean surfaces are low surface energy coatings formed from fluoropolymers that cannot withstand the high temperatures present in hot zones of cooking appliances and produce harmful byproducts when they degrade. Cleaning of baked-on foods from metal and enamel surfaces can be a tedious and time-consuming chore, often requiring harsh chemical cleaners.


Cerablak High-Temperature Release Coatings
Cerablak® coatings present a unique high-temperature-stable solution to baked-on food problems experienced in high-temperature zones of cooking appliances. The coatings provide a unique combination of planarization, low surface energy, and low chemical reactivity. The result is a highly durable surface that can survive the high temperatures of self-clean oven cycles and grills and inhibits mechanical and chemical adhesion of contamination on the surface. Cerablak® coatings can provide a more durable solution compared with commercial fluoropolymer coatings. Most importantly, they help keep the original substrate aesthetically looking good!

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