Fire Barrier Paint

ATFI’s revolutionary fire barrier technology helps prevent the spread of flames, while also blocking thermal radiation, convection, and conduction. This is accomplished with a significantly thinner layer than conventional fire-blocking materials. It is stable in combustion environments and high temperatures.


Current Flame Retardant Technology

Most fire barrier or flame-retardant materials do not burn, but also do little to stop the spread of fire or heat. On the other hand, insulation materials often only prevent conduction, but do nothing to block flame spread, convection, or radiation. In addition, many materials can only operate for short times in high-temperature combustion environments, and thus have limited benefits.


Cerablak® Paint Protects Against High Thermal Loads
Cerablak® High Temperature Paint (HTP) with CerablakTM Hollow Ceramic Microspheres (HCM) contains both very low conductivity hollow spheres as well as a high-emissivity component that blocks radiative heat. The material’s low density offers excellent convective and conductive heat transfer barrier properties. Cerablak™ material is stable up to 1400°C for short time periods, and can be used at 1000°C for extended service (thousands of hours). This “fire-stopping paint” is a fully inorganic glass material and will not destabilize in oxidizing or reducing conditions.

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