Powering a new generation of airframes and engines for space flight and technology


The harsh conditions encountered in space exploration cause accelerated corrosion and degradation of high-value components. Deep space solar arrays, for example, are subjected to high levels of ultraviolet radiation and will decompose at rates exponential to terrestrial panels.


Next-generation airframes for space vehicles (exploration and commercial) will need to be economically viable and able to withstand repeated reentry cycles. Space engines also operate in the uniquely harsh environments of ultra-high vacuum and elevated temperatures such that conventional cooling schemes cannot be employed. Industry-wide, more robust materials and high-performance coatings are needed.


The Cerablak® family of coatings and Ceramic Matrix Composites engineered at ATFI provide unique protection with high resistance to harsh environments and tailorable electrical properties. With Cerablak®-coated components currently under testing in the International Space Station, our technology has already been vetted by the US Air Force and is a stable, inert material with excellent resistance to high temperatures and harsh environments. Today, ATFI is working with OEMs to develop new material and surface engineering concepts based on our suite of Cerablak® coating technology products.

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