With a shelf-stable clear formulation, ATFI has engineered several unique product forms enabling advanced performance at high temperatures.  The renewed global emphasis on energy efficiency and renewable energy will drive these products for customers in diverse industries worldwide.

While ATFI continues to innovate new product forms within the Cerablak® family of materials, each product form described here has been engineered for performance, scalability, and affordability. Armed with this disruptive and game-changing technology, ATFI has adopted a flexible business model with favorable licensing terms well suited for OEMs, service providers, suppliers, and owner/operators. 


Cerablak® UTF - Ultra Thin Film
Dense, hermetic barrier (< 1 µm) protects materials in extreme heat and harsh environments


Cerablak® HTS - High Temperature Sealant
Revolutionary sealant coating infiltrates porous materials for durable protection


Cerablak® HTP - High Temperature Paint
High emissivity spray-on coating provides thermal and environmental protection


Cerablak® SHS - Self Healing Surfaces
Transparent, hydrophobic, self-healing film offers durable non-stick performance


Cerablak™ HCM - Hollow Ceramic Microspheres
White, grey, or black hollow microspheres with outstanding chemical and thermal stability


Cerablak CMC - Ceramic Matrix Composites
Next generation ceramic composites provide advanced thermal insulation in harsh environments

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