Anti Tarnish

Many metal surfaces are subject to thermal tarnish, which can affect both the performance and aesthetics of the equipment. Cerablak® coatings can reduce or eliminate thermal discoloration and tarnish on a variety of metallic surfaces and finishes and provide improved performance in fouling environments.


Metal Tarnish
Metal surfaces are subject to oxidation and corrosion when exposed to harsh environments such as high temperatures or corrosive atmospheres. The resulting surface changes can affect both the physical and aesthetic properties, making it unsuitable or unappealing for use. Beyond the aesthetic impacts, tarnishing can also affect the performance of a material by roughening the surface and creating a layer upon which foreign substances can strongly adhere.


Cerablak® Coatings Can Prevent Thermal Tarnish
Cerablak® coatings help reduce tarnish formation by providing a protective, hermetic barrier against oxide formation and surface discoloration. Because of the ultra-thin and transparent nature of Cerablak® films, the appearance and properties of the substrates are maintained after surface treatment. At right, a stainless steel coupon treated with Cerablak® UTF shows no tarnish after heat treatment at 600°C for 1hr while the uncoated region darkens.

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