Life Sciences

Biocompatible, inert and thermally-stable surface treatments for medical devices



A new generation of materials is necessary to keep up with the rapid pace of development in healthcare technology. As part of that leading edge of research, stable, biocompatible alloys and surfaces are critical for advancing health science technology. Only a limited range of materials are suitable for use in medical applications such as implants, devices, and replacement joint components, and it is critical that those materials are biocompatible, sterile, stable, and electrically compatible.


Cerablak® coatings can transform almost any surface into a stable, glass-like surface by applying our ultra-thin surface treatment. As an inert and stable ceramic, Cerablak® Ultra Thin Film is an excellent biocompatible surface treatment for use in a variety of medical applications. Our Cerablak® Ultra Thin Film can protect sensitive titanium and stainless steel devices and wires to prevent corrosion, fouling and harmful material buildup. Porous ceramics can be sealed to prevent moisture and bacteria ingress. Additionally, Cerablak® UTF and HTS coatings have excellent insulation properties to inhibit galvanic corrosion.

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