Hollow Ceramic Microspheres

Cerablak® HCMs are unique, black or white hollow microspheres (micro-balloons) that exhibit outstanding thermal stability. These ultra-low-density spheres can be produced in very small particle sizes (diameters from 5 to 100 microns), can withstand a broad pH range (2-9), and combine low thermal conductivity with high emissivity.  And no other micro-balloons can match the performance of Cerablak® HCM at high temperatures. These innovative spheres bring value to various market applications—from household paints to fire barrier coatings.







Features & Benefits Market Applications
  • Low weight, volume displacement based additive material
  • Thermal stability above 1000ºC for continuous use
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • High emissivity
  • Color stability to 600ºC for long term use
  • Withstand pH 2-9
  • Outdoor UV-stable
  • Moisture- and humidity-stable
  • Strong and crush resistant


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