High Dielectric Constant

Coatings with a high dielectric constant are useful in a broad range of applications from flexible electronic substrates to solar cell production. Vapor-deposited coatings can be slow and expensive to prepare, however, particularly when preparing large areas. Cerablak® dielectric coatings can be prepared by economical solution deposition, which can provide significant cost and processing advantages.


Vapor Deposition of Dielectrics Can Be Cost-Prohibitive 

When large areas of dielectric are to be prepared, vapor deposition may not be the most economical method. Oxide materials fabricated by vapor deposition can be slow to deposit and require expensive capital equipment to produce in high volumes. Additionally, the deposited layers are often micro-structurally unstable, particularly at high temperatures. When adapted to continuous substrate deposition, those issues compound.


Cost-Effective Solution-Deposited Cerablak™ Dielectric

Cerablak™ dielectric is a solution-derived inorganic dielectric with low loss and highly thermally-stable dielectric properties to temperatures over 350°C. The flexibility of solution deposition can provide major advantages in the large area production of dielectrics and allow for readily scalable production using continuous roll-to-roll processes. It is also easily applicable to uses in semiconductors or other wafer processing where solution-deposition of high-performance and/or high-temperature dielectrics is required.

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